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App to help sustain recycling choices

Nov 2015


A Victorian social enterprise has taken the guesswork out of recycling with a free app that not only tells you what you can recycle, but where.

The app, called Sustain Me, offers information about recycling for several thousand items. Thanks to a partnership with Tyrecycle, that includes details on how to recycle tyres and a range of other rubber and vehicle-related products.

Co-creator Eleanor Meyer said the app was born from a frustration about where to easily find out what could be recycled. It turned out that more products were recyclable than many people would realise.

“Not surprisingly, almost everything can be recycled. It’s just whether or not the right materials are put with the right service provider. And that’s exactly what the Sustain Me app does in a bid to reduce the amount of recyclables going to landfill.”

The app’s information about Tyrecycle includes how to recycle a range of tyres, rubber, car batteries and conveyer belts.

It lists recycling locations within the user’s council area across Victoria. There are plans to launch it nationally by the end of the year.

Ms Meyer and her business partner, Stephen Halpin, work with councils and recyclers to provide information on as many recyclable items as possible. The app includes other information, such as bin nights and links to websites to offer the community as much relevant recycling information as they wish.

Sustain Me is available from Google Play and the App Store.