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Bob Jane T-Marts celebrate a decade-long commitment to tyre recycling

Jul 2015



The partnership between Australia’s largest independent tyre retailer Bob Jane T-Marts and Australia’s largest tyre recycler, Tyrecycle, reached a significant milestone in June 2015.

For 10 years Tyrecycle has been collecting, processing and recycling Bob Jane T-Marts’ tyres – that’s 10 years of significant benefit to the environment and the community.

“Over the 10 year period Bob Jane T-Marts has recycled over 110,000 tonnes of rubber. That equates to filling nearly 450 Olympic sized swimming pools , diverting this valuable waste from landfill into new usable products,” said Tyrecycle CEO Jim Fairweather.

“When Bob Jane T-Marts started with Tyrecycle with a few stores in 2005 they were recycling about 100 tonnes a year, that has grown each year since and now they are recycling more than 23,000 tonnes each year, and still growing,” he said.

Each of the 136 Bob Jane T-Marts’ stores across Australia are committed to the national agreement to recycle tyres through Tyrecycle.

“The Bob Jane T-Marts stores are to be commended for their continued commitment to recycling and the appropriate handling of one of our most problematic waste streams” said Mr Fairweather.

The relationship between Bob Jane T-Marts and Tyrecycle began in response to a corporate desire to provide a solution which would see the reuse of the valuable resources that go into making tyres.

“We started out with only a few stores participating in the Tyrecycle program, but this quickly grew and by 2012, 100 per cent of our stores had become involved,” said Bob Jane T-Marts CEO, Rodney Jane.

“Bob Jane T-Marts is committed to the responsible recycling of tyres and ensuring the correct disposal of all of our customers’ old tyres,” he said.

“We want to see the responsible disposal of tyres which have reached the end of their life on the road; our partnership with Tyrecycle ensures ‘full chain of custody’ recycling of these valuable resources into a new life,” said Mr Jane.

Tyrecycle collects from metropolitan Bob Jane T-Marts up to three times each week, and up to four times per month from regional and remote locations.

“We service as far north as Darwin in the Northern Territory to Karratha in the west, down to Hobart in the south andthe Gold Coast in the east,” said Tyrecycle National Accounts Manager, Matt McInerney.

“It is great to see this strong relationship continue and we look forward to growing the number of recycling services from Tyrecycle to Bob Jane T-Marts and their customers,” he said.

Tyrecycle is the largest supplier of recycled rubber which sees the recovered resources of old tyres gaining a new life in useful and innovative products. Among some of the applications for these recycled tyres are roads, adhesives, brake pads, children’s playgrounds, athletics tracks and civil engineering applications and as a Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF) for energy recovery.

Tyrecycle is committed to discovering new applications for scrap tyres in the quest to decrease the number of tyres entering waste streams and land.