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Message from the CEO

Nov 2016

We have seen turbulent economic market conditions again this year. Commodity prices remain depressed and we are experiencing an increase in competition from North America and Europe in the Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF) export market. 

Although we experienced a stronger Australian retail market with good collection volumes in the first 6 months of the 2016 year, the tough commodity market, fuelled by cheap prices for Petcoke, continues to exert pressure to our export TDF sales. Despite this, Tyrecycle continues to foster a path of research and development and innovation on a local front through the development of domestic markets for our rubber products. 

As always, Tyrecycle is committed to providing our customers with a premier service at a cost-effective price. In August we launched our new partnership in Tasmania with Barwicks. Tyrecycle is proud to provide an industry-led local solution to what is a major waste tyre problem in Tasmania. Tyrecycle is also pleased to be a partner of Kmart Tyre & Auto Service – our relationship spans more than 15 years with 8 million tyres collected for recycling. This unique relationship also sees the diversion and recovery of a wide variety of ancillary waste streams from Kmart Tyre & Auto Service locations.