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Mobile shredder added to the Tyrecycle recycling arsenal

Jul 2015

mobile shredder


In an Australian first, a specially designed and built mobile shredder will soon play an important role in the recycling of used tyres.

The shredder, which is one of only a handful in the world, is a jointly funded venture between Tyrecycle and Sustainability Victoria.

“The primary objective of this purpose-built shredder for Tyrecycle is to increase capacity at our Somerton plant, plus it will enable shredding on-site at a range of locations throughout Victoria to process the stockpiled legacy tyres like those at Stawell,” said Tyrecycle’s Business Improvement Manager, Aristos Karavias.

“It has been designed to meet the needs of councils and end users or collectors of tyres and conveyor belt stockpiles around Australia, particularly in remote locations.

“We are extremely proud of it as we designed, built and project managed it with our parent company ResourceCo’s in-house Engineering division,” said Mr Karavias.

The plant satisfies the provisions set out in the National Transport Code and will adhere to the vehicle assessment signatory scheme.

The mobile plant designed on two flat rack containers, 1x 20ft and 1x 40ft, can conveniently be transported by a B-Double truck to site. It is assembled in situ and can process passenger, light truck, truck tyres and conveyor belting at 10T/hr producing a nominal 6” rubber chip.

The total system setup is made up of one shredder, one classifier, one generator, six conveyors and a bobcat.

The 20ft container consists of a 14 tonne Barclay shredder for initial sizing that feeds onto the 40ft container consisting of a 4 tonne screen which classifies the 6” rubber chip.

“We were pleased to be able to use second-hand containers, strengthen and paint them to re-purpose the units for a second life, that’s good for the environment too.”
“The electrical components have been designed and laid out so that the system is as simple as plug and play,” said Mr Karavias.

Mr Karavias said the diesel generator has the capacity to run the plant for 24 hours on 1 tank (620L) of diesel and can run smoothly at ambient temperatures of up to 45 degrees celsius, enabling this plant to work across Victoria and Australia.