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New regulations to track end-of-life tyres

Nov 2015

New Regulations to track end-of-life tyres

The new WasteLocate system came into effect in New South Wales on October 1, making the state a national leader in the tracking of end-of-life tyres.

All waste tyre movements in NSW exceeding 20 EPU or 200kg are subject to the new regulations, which impose new reporting obligations on about 1,500 retailers, transporters, recyclers and other organisations.

The web-based WasteLocate reporting system will require all consignments of waste tyres to be scanned at the generation site – including retailers, workshops, scrap yards and wholesalers – by the transporter and again at the waste or recycling facility. The latter will be required to keep records of any drivers not using the system.

As part of the half billion dollar, Waste Less Recycle More initiative under the control of the NSW EPA, the system is designed to identify any operator not correctly managing waste tyres.

Each consignment registered through WasteLocate will create an electronic record with the EPA, which can then track its movement.

Tyrecycle is the largest collector of end-of-life tyres and has been working closely with its customers in the lead-up to the introduction of the system.

Tyrecycle National Account Manager Matthew McInerney said WasteLocate aimed to help identify anyone contributing to the problem of dangerous tyre stockpiles.

“The NSW EPA will have live visibility of all those registered with the program,” he said.

“It means all the legitimate players can demonstrate they’re doing the right thing while non-compliant retailers, transporters and receiving sites will be easily identified.

“All our vehicles are already equipped with mobile devices to electronically accept consignments upon collection and record their disposal at our recycling plant.

“Although Tyrecycle has transitioned smoothly, this has been a big behavioural change for much of the sector as previously retailers didn’t have to worry about the movement of tyres beyond their sites. Retailers have also had to make changes to their operating models for collections and recycling in order to adjust to the new system.”

Information about the new regulations is available at and Waste Locate registration can be managed at