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Perfect ending to life on the roads

Nov 2015


After they have finished travelling Australia’s highways, many of the nation’s truck tyres go full-circle by being turned into a rubber additive for paving new and existing roads.

Tyrecycle shreds end-of-life truck tyres and turns them into rubber granules and powders (also known as rubber crumb). Rubber crumb can be applied to roads in rubber-modified bitumen for use in “sprayed seals” or as an additive to asphalt.

Business Development Manager Adrian Jones said road pavement applications, including asphalt and sprayed seals, accounted for about 25 per cent of the Australian recycled rubber market.

“Recycled rubber is ideal for use in road surfaces as it enhances their performance, significantly reduces road noise and extends their life by making the surface more durable,” he said.

In turn, the use of recycled rubber benefits all users of Australian roads, with an improved road network and better quality surfacing for all vehicles.

“Our product is available Australia-wide and is 100 per cent Australian-made. In addition to the extensive advantages for our customers, we are benefiting the environment by recovering the valuable components of tyres and turning them into innovative products.”

Primal Surfacing is one of Victoria’s largest users of crumb rubber in its sprayed seal road pavement application. In 2014 Primal Surfacing paved more than 1,000km with rubber modified bituminous surfacing on both major and local roads.

Primal Surfacing is part of the Victorian Surfacing Alliance (VSA) Group which is a subsidiary of Colas, a world leader in construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure, comprising of several companies. They are also Tyrecycle’s biggest customer for crumbed rubber in the use of roads, a relationship Tyrecycle is proud of.

Manager Sylvain Clement said the company purchased more than 600 tonnes of the additive from Tyrecycle each year, for use on new roads and resurfacing existing pavements across Victoria and New South Wales.

“Nearly all the sprayed seals we apply have a percentage of rubber in them. The added cost is well justified in comparison to the dramatic increase of performance of the sprayed seal in terms of crack resistance, thanks to the improved binder elasticity.”

Mr Clement said Tyrecycle was Primal Surfacing’s preferred supplier.

“It is critical that the product is consistent and within specifications,” he said.

“Tyrecycle has always been able to supply us with a high-quality product at a competitive rate.”

Mr Clement said using the rubber additive also allowed crews to sweep up loose aggregate on the day of sealing which minimised the associated safety risks to road users more quickly.

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