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Recycled tyres treading new ground

Aug 2016

End-of-life tyres are helping riders put horses through their paces on arenas across Australia.

After treatment by Tyrecycle, the rubber from old tyres is recycled to create a durable, softer surface on equestrian arenas.

The equestrian application is part of Tyrecycle’s drive to promote awareness of recycling and find new applications for scrap tyres.

The crumb, granule and powder production process ensures end-of-life tyres are reused and provides material for a myriad of uses, including sporting surfaces.

Victoria-based Amacron Equine is one of the companies using Tyrecycle’s granules to provide a safe and effective surface for performance horses and riders.

Owner Kelvin Sorbey has been using the granules on clients’ dressage arenas Australia-wide for more than four years.

The rubber granules are suitable not only for high performance horses and athletes, but also for amateur and competition horses and riders.

“We find the 4mm granules ideal and Tyrecycle could guarantee us there is no steel in the product, which is critical,” he said.

The granules are mixed at a rate of about 25 per cent with a top layer of coarse river sand.

“It has a cushioning effect and is much easier on the horses’ joints and hooves,” Mr Sorbey said.

“We find the rubber granules work very well and they don’t decompose, wash away or affect the drainage edge of the arena. There are other materials out there, like flakes, which can wash away in heavy rain. The granules stay put and don’t rise to the surface.

“If the soil breaks down it can be refreshed every five years or so.” Tyrecycle Product Manager Adrian Jones said the product could be delivered to the site and was suitable for new or existing dressage arenas to provide impact absorption.

“It reduces drift of the sand, the risk of slipping and injury and cuts down on dust, which is beneficial for people or animals at risk of respiratory issues,” he said.