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Recycling tyres, alternative fuels are like pickling fruit

Aug 2016

The future of Tyrecycle is in good hands with the successful transition of the company ownership to ResourceCo, one of the world’s leading alternative fuel suppliers.
ResourceCo Group operates presently across 20 sites and employs more than 500 people in Australia and Asia and its new Chairman, Andrew Poulter, intends to steer the company to further growth.

With his eyes firmly fixed on the future, Mr Poulter said he will be looking to achieve continued controlled, sustainable growth through further developing key strategic partnerships.
“We will continue to grow ResourceCo’s reputation as a leading alternative fuel supplier globally.

Here in Australia, we want to play a key role in the achievement of critical State and Federal environmental targets, including zero waste and carbon emissions,” Mr Poulter said.
Tyrecycle CEO, Mr Jim Fairweather says it’s an exciting time for Tyrecycle.

“Tyrecycle has experienced strong and consistent growth and we’ve recently invested several million dollars completing our process infrastructure upgrade and footprint plan,” said Mr Fairweather.

“Being part of the ResourceCo Group will only further enhance our growth capabilities, we’ll be able to harness all their expert knowledge of the alternative fuels industry and markets, particularly in Asia and beyond.

ResourceCo Asia has recently appointed well respected industry expert, Mr Pavel Cech as its Managing Director. Mr Cech has more than two decades’ experience with cement giant Lafarge.
Having worked around the world, Mr Cech has been involved in the alternative fuel sector for 20 years.

He said that experience implanted alternative fuels and recycling into his professional DNA. 

“My dealings with ResourceCo started right after the company set up its Asian business so I was at the cradle of the Ipoh project,” said Mr Cech.

“Looking forward, I have to say that ResourceCo as a group has always impressed me with their energy level throughout the entire organisation and the creative approach to issues at hand which usually get turned into great opportunities,” he said.

“ResourceCo Asia, is a burgeoning business that is bound to grow far. I intend to ensure that all staff understand the bigger picture for this business; its customers, the environment and the future.

We are in a growth phase and I want this business to capitalise on every opportunity. Asia is way behind the western world with regard to waste recovery and utilisation of alternative energy.
“Governments and companies are under pressure to improve things and the appeal of “going green” is very strong. This poses a great opportunity for companies like ResourceCo, which address two issues, simultaneously – the waste management challenge and the lack of high quality alternative energy.

“When I was a kid I asked my grandmother why she pickled fruits in the summer when there were so many other things one could do.

“The answer, you imagine, was very simple – it would be too late to wait for the winter. So it goes with fuels.

If you wait for coal to get expensive, then you need to invest in your feed system and permitting to accept AF and then, inevitably, you will lose a big part of the opportunity.
Our role is to explain this to the Processed Engineered Fuels and Tyre Derived Fuels customers, helping them to pickle the fruits in the summer.”