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Recycling tyres paying environmental dividends

Nov 2015

City Discount Tyres

The partnership between City Discount Tyres and Australia’s largest tyre recycler, Tyrecycle, is already paying environmental dividends.

The companies will have recycled at least 2000 tonnes of tyres by the end of their first year in October 2015.

City Discount Tyres recognised its customers were increasingly concerned about recycling and demonstrated its own commitment by moving its business to Tyrecycle.

City Discount Tyres National Marketing Coordinator Andrew Jorgensen said franchisees placed importance on environmental responsibility, as well as having the confidence that scrap tyres were being handled ethically.

“The reason for the change is the full custody of end of life tyres, from the time of pickup,” he said.

Tyrecycle receives tyres from the majority of the stores throughout Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

Tyrecycle National Sales Manager Dilley Kulatunge said City Discount Tyres was sending more than 12,000 equivalent passenger unit tyres to Tyrecycle each month.

“They made a conscious decision last year to come across to us because environmental concerns were important to them,” he said.

The rubber from end-of-life tyres can be used to produce alternative fuels, but also can be broken down into granules, which can be used to build running tracks or for building insulation, rubber crumb for brake pads, or chips used as drainage aggregates in road and drain construction.

“It is highly important to us to be doing the right thing by the environment. We want our relationship with City Discount Tyres to continue for many years,” said Mr Kulatunge.