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Riding the recycling wave

Nov 2015

Riding the recycling wave

When a charitable bike recycling scheme in Adelaide wanted to ethically dispose of old tyres, it turned to Tyrecycle.

Bikes for Refugees was already recycling most other unwanted bike components, and when it approached Tyrecycle for support it was able to virtually close the loop.

Coordinator Mike Brisco said the group was committed to the sustainable use and reuse of as many resources as possible.

“Almost everything else could be recycled and we were looking for somewhere to recycle tyres, as we have several hundred worn or damaged tyres and tubes each year that we can’t use.”

The charity provides bikes to refugees and other people in need and has distributed more than 3000 bikes over the past 11 years. Its clients come from a range of countries, including Myanmar, Iraq, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria and a number of African nations.

Many refugees or asylum seekers do not have a driver’s licence and the bikes offer adults and children a way to get around and an alternative to public transport.

Tyrecycle State Manager Alby Roelsma said Tyrecycle and its predecessor Southern Tyre Disposals at Lonsdale, in Adelaide’s south, had been providing a free recycling service to Bikes for Refugees for three years.

“They contacted us to ask for support and we are happy to help them any way we can,” he said.

Bikes for Refugees is run by volunteers. It receives bikes donated by the public, businesses and schools, and is also in need of helmets, accessories and bike parts in good condition.

More information can be found at or by calling Mike Brisco on 0435 021 681.