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Synthetic sporting surfaces more than meets the eye

Jul 2015



Next time you are with the kids at a synthetic tennis court, hockey or soccer pitch or even a playground take a closer look at what’s under foot.

What you are standing on most likely is the result of years of brilliant ideas, design and manufacture – not to mention recycling.

Grassports Australia, who started in the early 1960s, is one of the leading suppliers of synthetic sport surfaces in Australia. It is also one of the most environmentally sound companies, as it makes its products from recycled tyres, supplied by Tyrecycle.

“We are a key supplier to Grassports. Our rubber products are produced from 100% recycled truck tyres which have negligible fibre content, enabling the product to flow readily through feed systems and eliminates downtime from bridging and blockages,” said Tyrecycle’s Product Manager Adrian Jones.

Tyrecycle rubber products are produced through up to four stages of magnetic separation to ensure it has negligible steel content. This enables the use of these products
in applications for children such as playgrounds and multi-purpose sporting fields.

“Our granule product ranges from 2mm to 15mm and Tyrecycle’s buffing products come in 4, 12 or 16 mesh grades.”

It is used in both synthetic grass and natural turf infill, athletics tracks, playground surfacing, equestrian surfaces, and playground impact absorption bases.

Using recycled rubber in natural turf has many benefits including:
• Use in high traffic areas to maintain grass.
• Reduced root compaction.
• Improves aeration of the soil for growth.
• Increases temperature of soil in cooler climates, reducing die back and increasing growth.

Grassports Australia’s Senior Project Estimator and Administrator, Cameron Harris said the product is very versatile and allows Grassports to customise jobs to suit the clients’ exact needs.

“A soccer field constructed at Jack Edwards Reserve at Oakleigh was certified to FIFA’s 1 star rating for community use,” said Mr Harris.

“We’ve also installed about 200 square metres of new artificial grass surface to the boundary line of the AFL ground at Ballarat. All these projects incorporated Tyrecycle recycled granules.”

“We are thrilled to be able to use a product which is environmentally friendly,” said Mr Harris.

Next time you are on synthetic turf, remember not only are you doing something good for your health, it’s also great for the environment.