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Tyrecycle cleans up abandoned tyres

Jul 2015

tyre piles


Tyrecycle has cleaned up after an unscrupulous operator abandoned more than 3,500 tonnes of tyres at a site near Brisbane airport.

The site had been leased by an unlicensed operator purporting to offer recycling services.

“Instead they took peoples money, dumped the tyres, then took off,” said Tyrecycle’s National Accounts Manager, Matt McInerney.

The tyres were a mixture of passenger, AWD, light truck, truck and earthmover tyres.

“Not only was it unsightly, but it was a high risk stockpile, due to the proximity of the Brisbane Domestic and International Airports. A fire would have caused significant disruption to air traffic,” he said.

The site also backed onto a sensitive mangrove reserve that would have been affected by waste water contamination had any fires occurred in the large stockpiles.

Additionally, the Brisbane City Council were spraying the stockpiles as an interim measure to try and prevent further outbreaks of Ross River virus in the region. This was a stop gap until proper processing could occur to remove the hazard.

Using an excavator and a fleet of semi-tippers, Tyrecycle transported the tyres to its Brisbane recycling facility, which is EPA licensed.

The tyres which were once an unsightly fire risk have now been processed into alternative fuel for energy recovery, used to power high energy kilns.

The job took three weeks and is an excellent example of how Tyrecycle makes proper use of unwanted, surplus tyres. No job is too large or too small.