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Tyrecycle driving industry innovation

Apr 2016

Tyrecycle wants to fuel the mining and resources industry’s interest in finding smarter ways to manage its rubber and tyre waste. 

“We mean that literally,” said Jim Fairweather, CEO of the leading national tyre recycler, which is part of the highly regarded integrated resource recovery group, ResourceCo.

“Tyrecycle is turning tyres and conveyer belts from rubber waste stockpiles into recycled rubber ready for re-use in the construction, manufacturing and automotive industries.

 “What sets us apart in the Australian industry is our innovation. With a purpose designed and built mobile shredder, we are able to provide an efficient, reliable and sustainable solution for miners across Australia.

“We attend onsite and depending on the material and the client’s requirements, we can either shred in-situ or transport the rubber waste back to one of our five processing facilities across Australia.

“Tyrecycle provides a full chain of custody,” Mr Fairweather said.  “Our stringent quality control and audit trail ensures we know where the waste product goes and how it is used.” 

 “There are a lot of opportunities to form strong partnerships with the mining and resources sector to deliver better environmental outcomes,” Mr Fairweather said.

“The industry has a lot to gain by responsible and sustainable use of natural resources, so there are some ‘big picture’ common goals that we can work on for a better future.”