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Tyres take on a new surface

Jan 2015

Australia's scrap tyres are finding new life in homes and commercial buildings across the country.

Thanks to Tyrecycle, recycled rubber from end-of-life tyres is used in a range of products, including tile adhesive.

One of these, Dunlop Trade Resaflex, is a favourite with tradesmen and home renovators. Tiles laid using the rubber modified tile adhesive can be grouted in as little as six hours. Suitable for use on walls and floors both indoors and outdoors, Resaflex can be applied over a range of surfaces, including plasterboard and concrete.

Tyrecycle supplies several Australian tile adhesive manufacturers with about 4,000 tonnes of rubber powder each year.

Tyrecycle Business Development Manager, Adrian Jones, said rubber modified tile adhesive accounted for about 40 per cent of the rubber powder generated by Australia’s tyre recyclers.

The rubber powder gives the tile adhesives the flexible properties of cured rubber. This helps prevent the tiles from cracking, which can be caused by the movement of buildings over time.

"The addition of the rubber powder to Resaflex also provides important water-resistant properties," he said.

"Resaflex has a C2S1 adhesive classification, and because it can be applied over green screeds, render, plasterboard, fibre-cement sheet, concrete and undertile waterproofing, it's very versatile."