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Whitsunday tyre recycling program a winner with locals

Nov 2016

The Whitsunday Regional Council has joined forces with Tyrecycle to rid the iconic tourist destination of unwanted, old tyres and put them to good use. 

The Whitsunday Regional Council covers 29,000 square kilometres along the Queensland coast and includes the premier tourist attraction, the Whitsunday Islands. 

The partnership with Tyrecycle ensures tyres that were previously destined for landfill are diverted to an important recycling venture. Reprocessed EOL tyres are then used in a range of products including as an alternative to fossil fuel for energy recovery. 

Karl Murdoch, Manager Waste Services, Whitsunday Water & Waste says the council is embarking on a new promotional campaign so ratepayers understand what the tyre recovery program is about. 

“Our efforts are focused on our ratepayers, letting them know the good work we are doing as part of our waste management strategy which is currently being developed,” said Mr Murdoch. “We want them to understand that waste, in this case — tyres,  is a re-usable resource.” 

The council has produced a range of posters which highlight the end use of the product. 

“So while users are waiting to cross the weighbridge they can see the posters informing them that we are recycling all these items at the site. The message we are sending out is that recycling doesn’t end at the tip — we work with reputable recyclers like Tyrecycle, who take our discarded items and recycle them into something else,” said Mr Murdoch. 

Tyrecycle has been collecting waste tyres from the Whitsunday Regional Council for five years. During that time an average of 1,000 tyres a year have been recycled, totalling 5,000 tyres. The Whitsunday Regional Council consolidates the tyres at their site near Airlie Beach and a Tyrecycle truck collects them from there. 

The tyres are delivered by rail to the Tyrecycle site in Redbank Plains, Brisbane, and from there they are processed. 

The council is also involved in the recycling of chemical drums,  mobile phones, fertiliser bags, waste oil and batteries. 

According to Mr Murdoch, residents are impressed by the partnership with Tyrecycle. 

“Quite a few people have said they were unaware that old tyres could be used in this way,” he said. 

“It’s an important and worthy program and we are proud to be in this partnership with Tyrecycle.”  Matt McInerney, Tyrecycle National Sales Manager said Tyrecycle is committed to working with Local Governments across Australia.

“We work closely with Councils, tailoring our services to meet their requirements including varied pick up locations,” said Mr McInerney. 

“Tyrecycle services clients across the nation including those in metropolitan, regional and remote locations.” 

“Tyrecycle commends the Whitsunday Regional Council on its commitment to keeping their region in a pristine and beautiful state for all to enjoy,” said Mr McInerney.